Do I need audio branding?

The caller experience has a massive influence on the perception and reputation of a company. Handling calls well is crucial to creating a positive customer experience. Our professional on-hold messages will make sure your audio brand is every bit as good as the visual look and feel – read more.


What’s the difference between a pay as you go or monthly subscription?

It may be more cost effective for some companies to set up their on hold and order their messages as a ‘one off’ as they may not wish to change them very often. Other companies may need to change their on hold messages regularly and would also like some help to craft their bespoke messages. If you’re unsure which is the best option for you it may be a good idea to talk to us, we can consider the most cost effective set up. In the meantime have a look at the different on hold options and costs.


Is my phone system compatible?

The vast majority of phone systems are compatible, but make sure you tell us all about your system in the information box provided. If you’re unsure get in touch.


Do I need a licence to play my on hold music?

No. We write and produce all our own music – talented huh – which means no PRS licence and no royalty charges to pay.


Can someone write my on hold messages for me?

Yes, our script writers will write your messages as and when you need them.


Who will install my phone messages?

You do. It is very easy to install and set up. Just insert the USB memory stick containing your on hold audio files, connect it to the audio input of your phone system and turn it on. Detailed instructions will be provided but if you prefer someone to install your on hold messages we can do this for an additional fee.