The cost depends on two things – How many messages you would like us to record and  company size.


Pay as you go

Our no contract music and message option.

Small companies [0-250] employees]

  • Voice over fee £30 (for each message we record).
  • Music is a one-off fee of £30 (no royalty fee or PRS license needed).

‘Medium’ companies [250-1000 employees]

  • Voice over fee £50
  • Music fee £50

‘Large’ companies [1000 + employees]

  • Voice over fee £70
  • Music fee £70

Why the different costs?

Professional voice overs charge different rates according to how often their voice is used (in a similar way to how a recording artist earns more money the more times their record is played on the radio). 

Because smaller businesses with fewer staff generally receive far fewer calls, their on-hold audio is used much less than in larger businesses. This allows us to negotiate discounted voice over rates for smaller businesses. That’s us, always rooting for the little guy.


Monthly contract

Our bespoke monthly packages are created to suit your companies needs – so you’re not paying for anything that isn’t important to you.


Our monthly contracts vary, but typically cost between £50 per month up to £200 based on your requirements:

  • How many audio recording you need 
  • Number of music tracks
  • Frequency of message refreshes
  • Script writing
  • Set up 

12 month initial contract – followed by a month by month rolling contract*

*sunbect to T&C’s


    Great value, no fuss.