Writing your on hold messages

We’ve made it simple for companies to produce their own on hold audio, but not everyone wants to write their own on-hold messages. So, for a small additional fee our script-writers can work with you to develop targeted messages that create the perfect impression for your customers.

Our talented writers are here to help, so you don’t have to spend time trying to be original. You can work with us to create your audio production or just give us information and leave it yo us. We’ll create your messages ready for your approval.


On hold set up

We often find it works best to have a chat about your current set up and then we can work with you to provide everything you need.

If you are confused by your phone system, changing your messages, or how you would like the files to be received at your end, our on hold team can help you with technical issues, so please get in touch


Prefer a fully managed service?

Let us take care of everything. Our monthly on hold packages include a free on hold player and up to 12 new messages per year.


Still feeling unsure?

You may know exactly what you want, for example the number of messages you need and what you want to say, but if you need a bit of inspiration, then we can help, that’s what we do. Our experienced script-writers can work with you to develop messages that create the perfect first impression for your customers. We do this as standard for  our ‘monthly contract customers’.

You may not understand your phone set up and what you need to get going. Well that’s fine too. Get in touch and we will find out everything we need to know.


Let us help.