First you need to decide if a monthly package is right for you, or whether our pay as you go option feels more comfortable. If a no contract set up is the way forward, then you can get started right now. It’s extremely straightforward and you can see all of the costs as you go along.


Before you start, make sure your phone system can load and play out on hold messages itself or has an audio input socket to connect an external music on hold player (which you can buy here or they come free with a monthly contract). If that’s left you feeling confused, don’t worry – get in touch and we’ll make sure you have everything you need to get going.


Step 1: Choose your voice

We work with the UK’s leading professional voice artists to create your on hold audio. 

Each voice over has a description to help you find a sound that’s right for your business. You can listen to the voices by clicking on the image. Once you’ve decided upon your preferred voice, click the ‘select’ box and add the voice to your order.


Step 2: Write your messages

It’s time to get creative and draft the copy of your messages. 

Enter the copy of your ‘first’ message in the message box. You can have as many messages as you like looping on your on hold audio, but you will need to add these to your order one at a time. Each message can be no more than 500 characters. If you’re struggling for ideas, we have a whole section dedicated to example messages – take a look and you can tweak these to your hearts content, or we can write them for you.

You will then be directed to the ‘Your Order’ page where you will see with the cost of your order so far. If you want more than one message to loop on your on hold audio, click ‘add another message’ and keep going. When you have no more messages to add, click ‘Add a music track’ button. 


Step 3: Pick your perfect music

Once you have finished writing your messages, you need to choose a piece of music to play underneath them. We’ve written and produced a range of high quality and original sound tracks, so have a listen to them and then take your pick.


That’s it. Now you just need to pay.

So you’ve chosen your voice over, added all your messages, and selected your backing music… you’re now ready to pay. On the ‘Your order’ page, we ask you to tell us the name and contact details of the person who manages your phone system. We do this so we can call and find out the make and model of your phone system to ensure we send your audio in the correct format first time.

The final thing is to confirm your order and pay – that’s it, done!


Still feeling unsure?

You may know exactly what you want, for example the number of messages you need and what you want to say, and if  that’s the case then go ahead and draft your own copy. But, if you need a bit of inspiration, then we can help, that’s what we do. Our experienced script-writers can work with you to develop messages that create the perfect first impression for your customers. We do this as standard for our monthly contract customers, so maybe that could be the right package for your business?


Great value, simple service, no fuss. Get in touch.