“Drumroll have created an audio brand that is sensational. The music reflects the creativity and fun that is Spark Sensory, with a sound that is stimulating, joyful and interesting all at the same time.” Helen Fores, Owner and Found of Nottingham based Spark Sensory.


Spark Sensory is an innovative new business, delivering sensory adventures to babies and children by stimulating all of the senses… including the unique power of sound.


Challenging the senses 

We were tasked with creating a truly unique audio brand, one that sounds both creative and consistent and will help promote Spark Sensory services to it’s multiple audiences. Spark Sensory also required on hold messages for its Nottingham based HQ so it could talk to it’s customers and share their latest news when the telephone line was busy.



We became immersed in the world of Spark Sensory to determine the exact needs of the business and create a unique soundtrack for Spark Sensory to play at the start of each sensory session.

The music would potentially be used across a number of customer touch-points including the telephone on hold messages, so we maintained a consistent sound for the Spark Sensory brand to help make it instantly recognisable to it’s customers.



Drumroll provided a complete audio branding package that reflected the Spark Sensory business. The uplifting music is highly recognisable, reflecting the fun nature of the brand.


“We love having a consistent sound that is used across different areas of our business as it creates an instantly recognisable feel for our brand”. Helen Fores, Owner at Spark Sensory.