Creating professional on hold is a doddle

Here's our step by step guide to setting up your on hold music and messages

Step 1: Choose your voice

We work with the best professional voice artists in the UK to create your on hold audio. Search the voice overs to find a sound that's right for your business. You can listen to them by clicking on the image. Once you've decided on your preferred voice, make a note of it so you can let us know.

Step 2: Write your script

It's time to get creative. You can have multiple messages looping on your on hold audio but you need to add them one at a time. If you're struggling, we have a page dedicated to example messages - take a look and tweak to your hearts content. Still struggling? For a small fee we can write them for you!

Step 3: Pick your perfect music

So you've finished writing your messages. Now you need to choose the music to play underneath them. We've written and produced a range of high quality and original pieces - just have a listen and then take your pick.