We describe ourselves as an audio design company – essentially a team of hard working peeps passionate about ‘sound’. We can boast many years of audio communications experience, working with some of the countries most distinguished brands. We take sound very seriously and have made it our purpose to help businesses sound every bit as good as the visual look and feel. Combine this with a proven talent for brand and marketing communications, we are perfectly placed to help make your brand sing. Ta Daaaa!


A sound return

Remember that frustration when you have a poor caller experience? Well our research (combined with a strong gut feel) tells us that disappointing on hold could convince many of us never to do business with a particular company again. It makes sense to get your on hold right, and it shouldn’t be difficult or leave you feeling short changed.


High quality, yet affordable

We bring together the finest professional voice artists with the freshest, high-quality music tracks and mix them to create something wonderful. It really is that easy to have bespoke on-hold messages, that not only sound great, but can be changed quickly and without any fuss.

So I guess this must cost serious money, right? Nope. We hope we have made it affordable and accessible for every size business. Yep, even yours. We do this without any sort of faff, just a cost effective solution and a fabulous service and you can even keep an eye on costs along the way.


No compromises

We only work with leading professional voice over artists. It’s as simple as that. You’ll get the best voices and the best on hold sound.

We write and produce our own music – talented huh – which means no PRS licence and no royalty charges, just fresh high quality sounds.


We care about you, our customers

Our customers are at the top of our priority list. We’re focused on maintaining high standards and providing a professional and effective service. Keeping our customers happy is our #1 priority, we won’t let you down.


Need convincing? Hear more about audio branding.